Accent Up Lightning

Uplighting is one of the newest and hottest trends wedding reception enhancements. If you are looking to enhance your venue and add a splash of color to accent your room with a subtle and lounge-like look, then LED Ambient Room Uplighting is for you.


Ambient Room uplighting can be used a number of different ways, and it can be used to enhance a certain area in a hall, such as behind the bride & groom’s head table, the dj booth or even an entire room.


LED Uplights are low energy using LED light fixtures, that project vivid colors “up” walls or to enhance particular areas of a room, hall or space.


At, we offer two different types of uplighting services and they are – constant color (1 color) or color changing (computer controlled to interact with the event, mood and lighting colors of the reception).


By using the first option, constant color – a bride and groom can pick their accent color, color of the brides maid dresses, or any color of their choosing and tat single color will be displayed throughout the affair.


By using the second option, color changing – the colors will change throughout the course of the evening. As an example, when the bride dances with dad we can turn the walls pink, and when the groom dances is mom we can turn the walls blue. With color changing, we can control the colors, intensity, strobing effects and we have the ability to ties the uplights in with other intelligent lighting.


We don’t just make things beautiful – we can also make things rock! Our nightclub-inspired light shows are designed to be the perfect addition to any event looking to create a cool visual impact on their dance floor. Our light shows are not overbearing, they are the perfect mix of elegance and cool.